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If you can't find me tomorrow

Tomorrow is moving day for the various websites on which my daily blog appears.

If everything goes according the game plan, other than a new look, you should not notice the transition.

But will it go according to the game plan?

There is always that element of doubt in the back of my mind.

So, if you have trouble finding my blog tomorrow, please don’t give up. Keep trying to find it.

Also, wish me luck in getting everything posted correctly and on time.

I’m sure you know the fear all computer users have that somehow or other it could all go badly wrong and all data is lost.

I am told not to worry.

But then that is what IT people always say.

Their standard response to any problem I might have is “what did you do?” The emphasis is always on “you” as if anybody else trying to accomplish the same task would never have done it.

So, OK.

Wish me luck.

Check tomorrow to see what I will do.