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If it's Wednesday, this must be Germany

If it’s Wednesday, I must be in Germany. It was touch and go yesterday as we awaited the arrival of a weather front that brought snow and very cold temperatures.

Would the plane take off from Appleton? Would the plane take off from Chicago? Would we miss the connection in Frankfurt for Berlin?

Winter travel is less about any discomfort in movement and simply mentally wondering if there would be any movement at all.

It seems I just went through this with the FUN show and merely suffered a three-hour delay on the return home. But the wondering affected both directions.

Staying awake is also an order of business today. There is a reception tonight at the Canadian Embassy. It would not due to succumb to jet lag and miss it. It is an honor to share the night with world mint directors and others actively involved in creating the world’s coinage.

My profound thanks go to the Royal Canadian Mint.