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If it is Monday of Ascot week, then it is Garter Day.

The Patron Saint of Great Britain is St. George.

The highest honor is The Most Noble Order of the Garter. The sovereign is head of the order and in addition to members of the royal family, other royal heads of state, there are only an additional 24 companion members. If new members are to be appointed, the names are anounced on April 23rd. the feast day for St. George.


The emblem is a gold and enamel full round sculpture of St. George slaying the dragon, it hangs from a nice collar. In addition, there is a distinctive blue sash and badge. And a garter belt, worn on the left leg. The motto: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense (Evil to him whom evil thinks).

Today they have a procession at Windsor Castle and a service. They wear the formal robes and plume hats.

The most recent member to be confered the honor was Prince William who was inducted in 2008. There are no new members this year.

Banknotes of Fiji and the Isle of Man which were in use in the early 1970s feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the regalia of the Order.