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ICG holds grading workshop

More than 100 people participated in Independent Coin Grading
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More than 100 people participated in Independent Coin Grading?s first ever Free Interactive Coin Grading Workshop at the Central States Numismatic Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Each participant was able to grade up to 40 coins ranging from U.S. gold and type coins to Morgan dollars and modern material. ICG threw a curveball to the amateur graders by including a few problem coins in the seminar coins.
Each participant received one-on-one time with an ICG grader.

?I met people with varying degrees of numismatic knowledge,? said Cameron Kiefer, ICG grader and co-host of the workshop. ?Some did very well while others struggled with the basics, but I tried to spend at least 10 to 20 minutes with each person. This workshop mirrors some of the things we will be teaching in the Advanced Coin Grading Class at the ANA?s Summer Seminar in July.?

Michael Fahey, Senior Numismatist at ICG, stated, ?My goal for this workshop was to have collectors/dealers grade coins, and then receive immediate, one-on-one feedback from a professional coin grader while they had the coin in hand. It went incredibly well as each participant was able to learn something.?

ICG also gave free verbal opinions and accepted submissions for grading.
One collector, looking for an opinion, found out he is the owner of a 1794 large cent with reverse stars (Sheldon No. 48). There are only 31 to 45 known specimens of this coin and it has an estimated value is over $5,000. He had bought it in a coin shop for just $10.

ICG will now be offering these free workshops on the bourse floor of many future shows. Look for information regarding the times and shows for these free interactive workshops.

For more information about the Free Interactive Grading Workshop or ICG please contact Paul DeFelice at or (877) 221-4424. Or go to