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Icebreaker appears on Finnish coin

Is there a coin with an icebreaker on it?


Beginning in 1972, on the old Finnish 5 markka appears just such a vessel. It is the icebreaker “Varma.”

Supposedly there is a Canada dollar that was boycotted by the Indians. Is this true?

The 1958 British Columbia dollar with a totem pole design started the controversy. The peoples of Canada’s First Nations consider the raven a symbol of death.

Please translate “Moneta Nova Arg.”

It comes out as “new silver money.” “Arg” is short for argentiae, the source of the silver symbol – Ag.

What did the Russians use for alloy for their platinum coins?

Those platinum coins struck in Russia from 1828 to 1845 contained “pure” platinum, with only traces of other metals.

Please translate the Latin “GVILLEIMVS?”

This is one of several versions of the Latin spelling of William. It is found on the coins of England’s William IV.

Didn’t the English have a problem like the U.S. gold without the “In God We Trust” motto?

The so-called “Godless” coin of England was the 1849 florin (two shillings. It was struck without the D.G. abbreviation for Dei Gratia, “By the Grace of God.” The motto was returned on the 1851 issue.

How did the $5 gold half eagle get nicknamed “half a ned,” or a “half ned?”

This is another English term that inserted itself into old American slang. A “ned” originally referred to a guinea (21 shillings) in the 1750-1850 era.

What’s the story on the 1982 Krause 30th anniversary coin boards?

We produced these as a subscription promotion. My best recollection/guess is that we did 25,000 units. Each folder contained a date set of Lincoln cents (one per year, not each mint) for 1952-1982. In addition each folder also contained either one or two medals/tokens designed by Frank Gasparro and struck by The Franklin Mint. The medal was struck in copper-nickel and carried a Lincoln portrait on the obverse and an eagle overset by a hand-operated press on the reverse. I believe the token had the same obverse, but the reverse design was shifted off-center in the 10:30 direction to accommodate “Good For $2 Savings” redemption information. The medal was struck in quantities of 25,000 copper-nickel, 300 bronze, 80 .925 silver and one gold. The gold was presented to Art Christoph for his 25th year at Krause. Tokens struck were 50,965 in aluminum and 30 in .925 silver.”

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