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I think that I shall never see ...

The other day I received a 1999-D Connecticut state quarter in my change.
With its stark Charter Oak design, a leafless tree, I did not like it when it was released a dozen years ago.

However, looking over this coin, which actually shows a little bit of wear, I am starting to warm up to it a little.

The high points on the reverse are on the trunk of the tree. The wear that appears there has actually made the tree seem more treelike.

Overall, the coin seems to have more character to it.

I expect I will never be able to write that I like the Connecticut design, but over time, I think we will all have to reexamine all 50 designs to see which ones stand the test of time as art and which ones look better as they wear.

One thing I can say about the Connecticut quarter design is that it sure beats Wisconsin’s wheel of cheese, cow and cornstalk. My disappointment in that design will not fade no matter how the coin itself will show its wear.