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I know I can count on you

With all the change in the world, it is nice to be able to count on some things not changing.

Coming back from a little time off, I see that my email is chock full of new communications. Thanks to one and all who choose not to relax on a holiday weekend. Your activity gives me something to do when I am once again up and at ’em at my desk.

Someone left a voicemail message on my telephone, but did not choose to leave a call-back number.

He chewed me out for being confused by the monthly story that provides the U.S. Mint’s production numbers.

What apparently confused him was the labeling of two tables. One box was labeled “production totals through July” and the other box was labeled “production totals for July.”

The little matter of the words “through” and “for” the caller apparently missed.

The “through” box indicates the total output for the entire seven months of the calendar year while the “for” box holds the data just for the month of July.

I hope the caller reads my blog for the explanation, but I expect he just wanted to give me a hard time for the fun of it.

There is the usual delivery complaint. I seem to get one or two each week. In a perfect world, there would be no delivery problems. However, in the 33 years I have been in publishing, we always seem to need to chase something down and resolve it one way or another.

I forward these emails to the circulation department for action.

Now back to the world of four-letter words like “work” and more importantly, “gold.”

Hmmm. I’m smiling already.