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How much for paperwork?

Everybody knows that bureaucracy is out of control. Nobody knows what do do about it, because as soon as something happens, like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, everybody demands more bureaucracy rather than ask why the current level of bureaucracy didn’t work.

It would be nice if there was some ideal level of bureaucracy that we could reach a consensus on and achieve, but that is simply dreaming.

I started thinking along these lines this morning because unreasonable bureaucracy touches magazines as well.

Below is an e-mail request from the Central Bank of the Domnican Republic for information so it can write a check for a one-year subscription to World Coin News.

In order that the Treasury Department of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic may make payment of Invoice, in the amount of US$62.99, we would appreciate your supplying us with the following information:

· Company Name
· Identification Number
· Telephones
· Type of Company
· Products or Services sold
· Description of Business
· Account to which the transfer will be credited (Bank, account type, and account number)
· Names of Directors
· References (Addresses)

Awaiting your prompt response,

That seems a little overboard for a subscription, doesn’t it?