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How about an Albert Einstein coin?

Albert Einstein
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Albert Einstein?s likeness could appear on a U.S. coin someday if the American public has its way.

Notable scientists and inventors gained the top spot as figures Americans would like to see on coins beyond presidents in a National Currency Poll conducted the week of April 9 by Coinstar, Inc.

The poll revealed that more than 25 percent of Americans rank notable scientists and inventors as their top choice. The top five categories also included inspirational athletes, 8 percent; influential musicians, 7 percent; well-known authors, 6 percent; and famous artists, 5 percent. Receiving the least amount of interest were popular television or motion picture celebrities and pop culture icons, which received a combined 5 percent.

?Given the popularity of celebrity and talent-driven reality television, it?s refreshing to see that Americans acknowledge the important contributions of scientists and inventors and rank them well above pop culture icons and celebrities as figures they?d like to see on the dollar coin,? said Alex Camara, senior vice president and general manager of Coinstar, Inc.

Coinstar conducted the poll to gauge American?s awareness, interest and thoughts on the new Presidential dollar coin.

According to the poll, 60 percent of Americans are aware of the new dollar coin, but only 16 percent are actually spending dollar coins. In fact, 31 percent of those polled are saving the dollars and 25 percent are avoiding the dollar coin all together.

Now in its ninth year, the Coinstar National Currency Poll is based on a nationally representative sample of 1,010 Americans ages 18 or older. Coinstar is the leader in self-service coin counting.