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Hot or cold? You tell me.

Is the rate of sales of the new proof 2010 Buffalo gold coins a signal that the market is hot or cold?

You be the judge.

Through June 20, the U.S. Mint reports that 19,519 have been sold since sales began June 3.

This compares to 19,468 sold in the first three days when the 2009 proofs went on the market last October.

However, last year’s sales rate slowed down and it took a full five months to vend 49,388 of the proof 2009 coins.

Will sales of the 2010 proofs reach a similar level five months after the June 3 opening date, or is the present pace indicative of a lesser level of demand?

What do you think?

Before you give your answer, remember that last year’s offering commenced at the height of the collecting season while June is traditionally a part of the period of time that often is called the summer business doldrums.

Collectors are not machines. They do like to get away for a vacation now and then.
But when they come back, will those who have not yet purchased a proof 2010 gold Buffalo make up for lost time and buy one?


Now, you can respond.