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Hot Market for 1601-1700 Coinage!

High Prices for 1601-1700 Thalers Ducats and Minors

While many of my colleagues enjoy the ANA Show in Baltimore, work continues, here in Iola, on our massive updating of the Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 4th edition. Everyone on the cataloging staff, plus a few outside helpers, have pitched in and taken a great deal of the data entry work out of my hands, so that I can concentrate on research. I'm lucky to have such a great group of co-workers and contributors! And my luck is turning into your luck each day as I find more auction results and fixed prices to drive the values in this new 4th editon up in line with todays market.

Earlier in the week I took a few minutes from my hectic schedule to write back cover copy for the SCWC 1601-1700 4th edition. While the marketing people may edit or re-write this before the book sees publication, I thought my readers might like a sneak peek at what I said, as it reflects the intensity and scope of our work pretty well. So here it is, for my readers eyes only:

Welcome to one of the most greatly appreciating areas in all the world of numismatics. Picking up this volume of the new 4th edition Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 shows that you have an interest in coins of quality and your interest is well founded. The retail prices presented in this catalog represent some of the fastest rising values in world coins. Economic factors have conspired this year, driving collector interest and prices for these classic coins right through the roof!

The 4th edition Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 features

· Fully updated values for all listings

· Heavy changes in value for most European coinage

· Serious value changes for all German States coinage

· Significant value changes for all Gold coinage

· Special auction quotes for many rare coinage types

· Expanded legend descriptions for many types

If you own a 3rd edition of this catalog, set it aside and add this new 4th edition to your daily working reference library. It’s one tool you cannot afford to do without

Now, two additional things for you to keep in mind.

First, the SCWC 1601-1700 4th edition will be a smaller print run book than the 20th or 21st Century SCWC's. This means that they may go out of print more quickly, so, if you dabble in this area of coins, or more importantly, if you are a regular collector or dealer in 1601-1700 material, don't wait too long to get a copy for your reference library.

Second, if you are a coin dealer or represent an auction house which normally offers 1601-1700 coinage, you may seriously want to consider placing an advertisement in this book. The deadline for advertising in the new Standard Catalog of World Coins 1601-1700 4th edition is August 20th, so get moving!

If you have advertised with KP before, in our news papers, magazines or catalogs, just give your regular ad rep a call or email. If this is something new for you, stop by our booth at the ANA, or give us a call for more information.

Robbie Cain of our ad staff is out in Baltimore at the ANA starting tomorrow, so stop by the KP booth and talk to her this week if you are at the show too. Otherwise, give her a call at 1-800-573-0333 ext. 13220 or send her an email at

We only publish the SCWC 1601-1700 catalog on a five year cycle, so don't miss this opportunity, or you may be waiting until 2013 for another chance to put your companies name and contact information in the hands of serious buyers from around the world.