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Hot for a new coin?

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An innovative proof, 50 mm, one-ounce .925 fine silver Cook Island’s $5 honors the inventor of the most widely used temperature scale.

Reverse of the

Reverse of the 2014 Cook Islands Anders Celsius coin. (Coin Invest Trust image)

The reverse shows Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician Anders Celsius and his thermometer. It is surrounded by a scale from 14 to 32 degrees in 20 steps. The numbers of the scale within the roundels are contained in an LCD flatfilm thermometer. The thermochromic dyes in the flatfilm respond to changes in room temperature and display the Celsius temperature in different color shades.

No batteries are involved for it to work.

Obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II.

Collectors who need to check out the temperature can call Downies at 1 (877) 897-7696 or email for more information.

Mintage is, appropriately, 1,744.