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Historical Society Festival and Whatsit Identification Day

This past Sunday (The 4th Sunday of June) the Iola Historical Society held the annual stawberry festival.

The Society owns seveal hisotric buildings, a one-room schoolhouse, a old village hall, the Iola Depot of the Iola and Northern Railroad and a re-created, enlarged Iola Fire House with three early trucks.

As an added draw to this year's event the Historial Society took over something that KP formerly did - held an identification and evaluation day.

Experts from the company - both current and retired employees were brought toghter for a pleasant afternoon of looking over treasures which were brought in by the public. The historical society requested a contribution of $2 per item or $5 for three.

I did the coin and paper money table, and this year I got to see a 1909-D $5 gold piece which the owner received on Christmas as a little girl!

The coolest item brought in (to another table) was a 1876 print of a Gettysburg Battle, which was bases on one of those large cycle-o-rama paints which toured museums in that time (Beatuifully framed, with the identification chart)

It was a nice day spent sharing informaiton with community members.