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High tech, high drama

Today starts a fresh week and the Mint has straightened out its e-mail snafu over the weekend.

Approximately 100,000 would-be customers were notified that their orders for silver proof American Eagle coins and Mount Hood quarter bags and rolls were notified that their orders had been cancelled.

Computer errors are always frustrating, but this particular one shows on just how large a scale problems of this kind can be.

While no harm seems to have been done except for a little collector heartburn, it kind of gives me a new perspective on the flash crash in the stock market in May and just what computer trading might do to precious metals some day in the future.

In the meantime, I would like to thank readers who notified me when they received the error e-mail notice.

Now with the silver proofs going on sale Friday, I hope the quality of the pending purchases will be worth the wait.

Somehow I think they will be.