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Heritage Presents Paper Money at FUN

Heritage Currency Auction set for FUN

One more catalog just arrived on my desk via friend Joel Edler. This is the Heritage Currency Auction for FUN set to close over the period from January 10 to January 12. I'm a little late at alerting you to the goodies offered here, as the first day of the sale is over already, but the Friday and Saturday evening sessions are still open for bidding, so here goes.

Session Three of this sale, which begins on Friday evening, offers up what Heritgae is calling the Peter Gamble Collection. This is a group of some really rare U.S. notes in excellent conditions. The hightlight of this group, from my point of view would be the outstanding run of Gold Certificates and my favorite note in this group is the 1905 $20.

Session Four of the sale brings bidders a large selection of Nationals with large and small size notes represented from most every state and in most every state of preservation to accommodate a variety of pocketbooks. Over 1350 lots are available for collectors to choose from and while high grade Nationl Bank Notes are in great demand, there are many lower grade notes from scarce towns that may present good opportunites for careful buyers who attend this sale.

One example which caught my eye was lot 14714 a Covina, CA $20 1902 Plain Back. The lot description mentions Charley Colver, longtime California Nationals collector, Krause Publications representative, former mayor of Covina and friend for several years before his passing. Charley was a great guy and an excellent collector of Nationals and this note was issued from Charley's home town. While not in the highest state of preservation, it is still a very scarce issuer and should command some attention when it crosses the block.

The earlier sessions of this sale included a great selection of enclased postage stamps, all illustrated in full color with enlargments for easy viewing. There was also a large run of high grade Fractional Currency. You can check out the listings, images and resulting prices realized on the Heritage Auction achives.