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Herbert seeks ANA board seat

Alan Herbert announced his intention to run for one of the seven governors
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Alan Herbert, who is completing his third term on the board of governors of the American Numismatic Association, announced his intention to run for one of the seven governors? seats in the upcoming 2007 election.

Herbert, who retired as editor of Coins Magazine in 1994, is a writer and author, with nearly 60 years of journalism experience and has several numismatic books to his credit.


In making the announcement, Herbert said, ?The ANA board and executive director have recently been victimized by malicious rumors and misstatement of facts. I want to remain on the board to help ensure that the rumor mongers don?t get a foothold there to carry out their plans to wreck the ANA from within.

?We are confronted with those who refuse to recognize that the ANA must grow and evolve,? Herbert declared, ?both in its status as a multi-million dollar corporation and to conform to existing, planned or proposed federal regulations. Don?t let my age confuse you. I?m not a ?good old boy.? My one agenda is advancing the ANA.?

The election is expected to commence at the end of May when ballots are mailed to the ANA membership. A July deadline for receipt is expected to be set and the winners will be sworn in during the ANA convention in Milwaukee in August.