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Help Memphis be Memphis

The International Paper Money Show is formally set to open on Friday, June 10.

I won’t be there.

After running up a string of 20 consecutive shows in attendance, my duties changed and now I will increase my string of absences in Memphis to 3.

I miss the paper money chatter and all the hobbyists I would get to talk to there. I miss the heat and humidity and riding on the trolley in my shirtsleeves on a lazy June evening (though the weatherman is bringing Iola Memphis-like temperatures today and tomorrow). I also miss the ribs at the Rendezvous.

This year, I expect, hobbyists will see how the city is bouncing back from the floods of just a few weeks ago.

There will be a charity poker tournament tomorrow night in Memphis. Proceeds go to Project Breakthrough. Raising funds for charity show the numismatic community at its best.

If you aren’t going to Memphis, you can still do your bit to make life better for individuals who have been harmed by this spring’s natural disasters.

Starting this morning on our ShopNumismaster web site, 50 percent of our profits will go to the Red Cross for relief. Perhaps you need a paper money reference book. Now is the time to buy it and give others a boost.

Sure, its not a poker tournament in Memphis, but then you will still know in your heart that you have done something to help Memphis and other river communities get back on their feet.

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