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Help a kid get started

Ever notice the odd waves that pass through your change?

What I mean by this is in the last couple of weeks, virtually every quarter I have received in change has been a state quarter.

Many of them have been uncirculated, or nearly so.

During that period I received two Pennsylvania quarters. Both were “D” mint, but more important than that is the fact that I remember when the Pennsylvania pieces were considered a bit scarce.

Other high quality pieces that passed through my fingers included the Ohio, which was all the rage because of its low mintage in 2002.

Naturally, as time goes by, our perception of relative scarcity can change. In the case of the state quarters it has been changing a lot since the end of the program in 2008.
But if you happen to be an 8-year-old kid, what better time is there than to start a state quarter collection? There are 50 designs to find and they are all out there in circulation.
Some will be harder to find than others, but none is impossible.

That’s just how the first coin set assembled from change ought to be. It should have a nice variety and be a challenge, but not too much of a challenge.

I suggest every veteran buy an album to help a kid get going in this great hobby of ours.
The state quarter program might be old news to you, but it is brand new and interesting to someone who wasn’t around back in 1999.