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Happy New Year to all

There is little new to report about the ANACS sale. My thanks go to Gar for posting the ANACS e-mail to my prior blog. It arrived in my e-mail also, but I had left the office at 12:30 p.m. to use up a little vacation time that I would have lost otherwise.

Checked my phone messages this morning. There is nothing on voicemail relating to the ANACS sale. So I will again play the Maytag repairman today.

With much of the country having today off, I would not anticipate anything until Wednesday.

I would also like to thank William P. for his posting.

I had two voicemails. One was a good wish for a happy new year. The other wondered how quantities of proof coins can appear in Internet auctions before all of the back-ordered single proof orders are fulfilled.

Mint deliveries are a perennial question. Why does the Mint do what it does?

Today I have to begin facing the final results of my 2007 forecasts and see what happens.

I know I was spectacularly wrong about the price of gold, but I will add it all up and do a full accounting. My talk to the Sarasota Coin Club at the annual Florida United Numismatists convention Jan. 12 will be based on this assessment.

Happy New Year to my phone caller and to all hobbyists. The year 2008 should be an interesting one, but has the hobby had any other kind?