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Halloween in Denver?

The Aug. 26 issue of Numismatic News ran a story by the Associated Press about protesters in Denver who during the final week in August are going to try to levitate the Mint there.

Yes, I did a double take at the word “levitate” just to make sure I had read what I read. I did. I laughed.

It got funnier.

I was only 13 in 1968 so I guess I am seeing now what I missed out on back in the day.

A group called Recreate 68 said it plans to surround the Mint on Aug. 25 in an attempt to levitate the one-square-block building and “shake the money out of it for the people.’’

Gosh, I had better get my wheelbarrow and get over there pronto.

The story also said that the event is meant to commemorate an anti-Vietnam war protest in October 1967, when demonstrators sought to levitate the Pentagon.

You remember that, don’t you? The big flying Pentagon? No? I don’t either, but then I was pretty preoccupied with coins that year. Maybe I missed it.