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Great day for something else

It has been a battle this week to stay focused on the tasks at hand because the weather has turned so fine that being indoors and at work is the last thing I want to do. Throw in server issues and you have to tie me to my chair. Watching the spinning wheel over and over again is not my kind of entertainment.

While it is not unusual to have good weather or computer problems what it interesting to me is the coincidence of a large drop off in communication from collectors over the last day or two as measured by my e-mail. Overnight if it had not been for spam, I would not have gotten anything. That's unusual. I checked with a colleague in another area to make sure this wasn't some reflection of larger computer issues. It does not seem to be.

Is everybody in numismatics feeling the same way I do? I wouldn't think so, but there has always been a seasonal tendency in coin collecting. Good weather equates to a usual slowing down. Indoor activities give way to outside pursuits.

Memorial Day weekend is close at hand.

Fortunately for me, on Friday and Saturday there is sort of a fusion of the two impulses as the Numismatists of Wisconsin gather in Iola to hold a coin show and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the group.

The bourse floor in Iola is just a hop, skip and jump from the great outdoors, so perhaps we will kill two birds with one stone this weekend.

That suits me.