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Grant County Generic

Back in 1985 when I was writing my book on Wisconsin Military Medals I had a World War One service medal from Grant County. It is a bi-metallic medal design that was a common souvenir type from the Mexican Border Service era with a soldier on the front and the Lord's prayer on back in tiny lettering. The maker of the medal was Schwaab Stamp and Seal Co. of Milwaukee. There are fourteen states with Grant Counties in the USA and this medal has no mention of a state. I had this medal for years and had given up any hope of ever finding out in which state this medal was issued. Then out of the blue one of the ladies working here at KP asked if I would be interested in making an offer on a group of medals her mother-in-law had for sale. She warned me that most of the medals were American Legion convention medals. When I saw the group I instantly saw the Grant County medal and it was a Wisconsin group! The timing was perfect for my pending book. Just to be safe I asked her if the original owner was from Grant County, Wis. and yes of course he was. Don't you just love military medal groups?