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Good luck to new ANA leadership

Kudos to the American Numismatic Association for releasing the election results before everybody went off on their long July 4 weekend – but not before my final blog posting for the week.

The staff here was able to post them on our Web site before we headed off in our own separate directions.

While this was not an earthquake type of election as was the case in 2007, the members did manage to bridge the gap a bit between standing pat with the incumbents and injecting some new blood.

Cliff Mishler, my former boss and the person who in fact hired me back in 1978, will now take the reins of the organization.

One characteristic that he has that will, I think, be appreciated by the members is his willingness to listen to all points of view and to take pains to do so.

I remember more than once sitting in his office as a young and aggressive newcomer with new ideas. He always patiently listened to me.

That did not mean that he always thought what I was suggesting was worthwhile. I heard the phrase “wet behind the ears” more than I care to recall.

He offers a steady pair of hands to guide the ANA for the next two years.

Another person with whom I still actively work is Alan Herbert. He lost his bid for re-election – just. I hope that means he will have more time for Numismatic News and its various projects. I am sure that is no consolation to him, but it will be of great service to the readership.

Congratulations to all those elected. Good luck in charting the ANA’s course in the next two years.

To those who ran and lost should go the thanks of all ANA members for offering a willingness to serve in the organization’s time of need and giving the members a variety of leadership choices.

Some, I am sure, will be back on the ballot in 2011 – but now I am getting ahead of myself. That’s more than we need to know today.