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Gold uncirculated "W" Eagles hit the charts

The gold uncirculated
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The gold uncirculated ?W? mintmarked American Eagle coins that the Mint sells directly to collectors went on sale April 27 and the results of the first few days of sales have been added.


The silver ?W? did not go on sale as had previously been announced, but now has a tentative release date of June 13. Changes of this kind underline the importance of collectors monitoring the Mint?s Web site for changes. It looks like June 6 for the ?W? uncirculated platinum American Eagles. The proof platinum coins are also tentatively scheduled for that date also.

The 2007 Buffalo proof is also rescheduled now for May 23. Why? The Mint isn?t saying. Perhaps it was a production issue. Perhaps it is an attempt to squeeze in a few more sales of 2006 coins.

Jamestown commemorative sales were at a virtual halt this week.