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Gold Star Mothers Group

Collectors of military medals usually find themselves thinking of soldiers enduring great hardships, accomplishing heroic feats and sometimes dying in battle. Rarely do they think about the dead soldier’s next of kin. In the US the mothers of soldiers who died in war are known as Gold Star Mothers. After WWI there was an organization for Gold Star Mothers and in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s this group made several pilgrimages to visit the graves of fallen American soldiers in European cemeteries. A medal was issued for participating in these trips and illustrated below is such a medal as part of a privately assembled group of medals all belonging to a Gold Star Mother. Not knowing anything more about these medals I can only guess that the original owner of these medals was from Wisconsin and that she was a good shot who was willing to travel to Florida to compete or relocated there. The gold star pin above the group was established by Congress in 1947 and is not part of the illustrated group of medals.