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Gold Sac responses

From the July 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: If the Mint did strike gold Sacagawea dollars, would you like to buy one? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the July 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

If the Mint did strike gold Sacagawea dollars, would you like to buy one?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Yes I?ll buy one if the price is right .

Bob Winotai
Gardena, Calif.

I would love to see a silver or gold Sac dollar just like a silver Presidential dollar in the silver proof set.

 Also, as a collector of silver proof sets I would love these to be a regular issue in silver proof for the silver proof set only and a stand-alone gold commem dollar for the Indian reverse like the McKinley dollar, a small 10,000-20,000 issue.

Edward Arrich LM 5512
Coldspring, Texas

No I wouldn?t. If it was a pure gold coin, yes. Will the Mint be coming out with new gold coin designs any time soon? I think we need some new designs, maybe go back and bring some of the beautiful old designs that President Theodore Roosevelt had St. Gaudens and other engravers do to redesign our Gold Coins.

William H. Frisco
Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

Yes I would buy a gold Sac. Maybe several pieces.

Robert Wilkins
Savannah, Ga.

If the gold Sac was of .9999 fine gold, sure I would buy gold Sacs.

Jerry Evans
DeFuniak Springs, Fla.

Would I buy a gold SAC ? It would depend on the price, and considering what the Mint has been charging for recent special issues (such as Presidential First Spouse), I would not buy and have to use my available funds for my more desireable coins.

Jim Schmitt
Macedon, N.Y.

Yes, I would by a gold sac bullion coin, not a proof.

Steve McDaniel
Marcus Hook, Pa.

NO, no, no, a thousand times no!

Robert Lorenz
Mc Kees Rocks, Pa.

Absolutely not! As a dealer I would get a million calls a day of people telling me they had a gold one! I could not conduct business if I had to reply to all the greedy or just curious as to ?What is the difference?? and after being told, they still would not believe me. This has happened on other coins day in day out for 43+ years now. Make it 39mm, same size as old dollars. Well, OK then and only then.

Neil Osina
Glendora, Calif.

Yes, I would definitely buy one. I don?t like and don?t collect that clad stuff.

Jeff Beatty
Hershey, Pa.

No, the Mint shouldn?t make them in gold for collectors...I think the mint is going on a downward spiral in the eyes of the grassroot collector. They are getting out of control with all of their self made rarities. However, I personally like the Sacagawea design with the soaring eagle reverse and her portrait with her baby is unique to U.S. circulating coins. Now if we could just get?em to circulate! I do not like the gold first spouse coins; I think they make no sense in gold, however it does make a nice collection in medal form for collectors.

Ken Morris
Staten Island, N.Y.

Yes, I would be interested in buying a gold Sacagawea dollar if the Mint decided to mint them.

Velois Stearns
Boca Raton, Fla.

Would I buy a gold Sac dollar? Sure. I would buy silver nickels and pennies, too, as well as Presidential dollars in gold.

Charlie Ross
West Bloomfield, Mich.

No, I would not spend the money for a gold Sacagawea.

Jim Glick
Olympia, Wash.

No, I would not have any interest in buying a Sacagawea gold dollar, even though she had close ties with South Dakota, and I collect South Dakota exonumia.

Robert Maisch
Mobridge, S.D.

Possibly, I would be interested, provided that they clearly would not be confused for base metal Sacs.

Charles K. Miller
Philadelphia, Penn.

No, I would not buy one. They are very ugly. And Sacajawea is a silly
person to put on a coin anyhow. I would buy a gold coin of Susan B.
Anthony, though, just because I think she is a role model, even if she
isn?t very pretty.

Pat Hollister
Arlington, Wash.

Yes, I would be happy to purchase a Gold Sacagawea dollar.

John Wayman
Logan, Utah

Yes, I would purchase the max allowed.

Jerry Altvater
Bowie, Md.

Yes, I would like to buy one if reasonably priced.

James N. Pezant
Slidell, La.

No, I perfer the Indian-Buffalo gold.

Roy Cole
Charleston, Ark.

Yes, I would, except I assume the price would be too high.

Jack Iaci
Spring Hill, Fla.

Probably not, but I would definitely buy silver Presidential dollars.

Frank Sonnenberg
Chester, N.J.

YES, but only if they mint enough that you have a chance to get one. I am tired of fighting to try to buy something.

Charles Bailey
Winston-Salem, N.C.