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Gold prices at $2,000?

In time, will the price of gold mirror the upward move of the price of oil?
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Universal Coin and Bullion has a story by Paul Montgomery in its June 2006 Investor's Profit Advisory newsletter speculating on whether gold could hit $2,000 an ounce by 2010.

Montgomery writes that the scenario is being debated in conjunction with speculation that oil may hit $200 a barrel by that time. He said that while that may seem impossible, no one believed in 2002, when oil was trading for $20 a barrel, that it would be bringing $60 a barrel in 2006.

He said that while oil is not necessarily the primary driver of gold prices, "there is a rough correlation between the two, even if they don't always move in lockstep. In the midst of the financial chaos that $200 oil would bring, gold coin owners might have at least the comfort of being very, very wealthy."

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