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Gold loses to the next bowl of soup

We already seem to be succumbing to the seasonal bugs here in Iola. I was flat on my back most of Wednesday. I worked most of Thursday and on Friday further rest seemed to be the wisest course, so I spent less than two hours in the office and then went home

I know I am not the only one to have been hit early. There are the sounds of coughs and sniffles around the office.

I assume what I have is the flu though it involved my digestion very little. No symptom seemed odd, out of sequence or unusual. It just seemed to be the same illness I have had before with all of its stages a bit stronger and harder to endure.

Illness has a useful purpose. It puts things in perspective. It emphasizes the little things in life that you take for granted and then realize just how important they are in making the rest of it possible.

Sure, I followed gold as it declined, but I didn’t care quite as much as I might have. The next bowl of soup or nap seemed to take priority.

One thing though, the recent price gyrations seem to call for traffic speed limit signs between $800 a troy ounce and $900 for gold because the metal seems to go through those levels at reckless speeds in both directions.

I hope now that I have endured the illness that I can stay healthy for the rest of the lengthy winter to come and that I will care about gold and coins and all related subjects as much as I usually do.

I wish a speedy recovery to everyone else who will be hit with this and other seasonal illnesses. I hope my experience is unsual rather than an indicator that worse is set to come for everybody.