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Gold Eagle totals leap as sales come to halt

Did someone clean out the Mint

Did someone clean out the Mint?s remaining supply of uncirculated 2007-W gold American Eagles in the ounce and half-ounce sizes?

You might think so. The Web site says they went off sale, but the numbers this week really jumped. The one-ounce rose by 2,783 to 16,724, the half ounce was up 584 pieces to 5,180 and the tenth ounce went up 498 pieces to 15,674. The four-coin set rose by 845 to 8,178.

The smallest rise was recorded by the quarter ounce, which was up by just 235 pieces to 5,756. Interestingly enough, it is the only size offered not backordered.

The one-ounce silver bullion Eagle also leaped, up by 575,000 pieces to 1,425,000 coins. Apparently $20 silver is not deterring buyers.


Soon the 2008-W silver American Eagle totals will begin appearing. Sales began March 17. Sales of the 2008-W uncirculated gold Eagles start April 1.
Another peculiarity is the Monroe first day cover began with nearly a sellout.