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Going Postal

While on my way home from Illinois this weekend I was able to check out two Milwaukee antique malls where I found with this lucite encased marksmanship prize medal. This Blackinton made medal never had a pin so I am certain that it was issued in the lucite. The pin-less broach is inscribed “MILWAUKEE POST OFFICE // SPORTSMEN’S CLUB // RIFLE TEAM // 1961.” The two bars on the ribbon are inscribed “OFF HAND” and “FIRST PLACE”. The irregular shaped medal has a standing rifleman on a white enamel target.

“Going Postal” is an unfortunate slang expression that came into use back in the early 1990’s to describe someone who becomes angry and crazy enough to shoot fellow workers as happened in several post offices in the 1980’s

The medal described above and illustrated below takes the expression “Going Postal” to a new level.