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Going, going, gone ... welcome back

Today is the last day of the two-year American Numismatic Association presidential term of Walter Ostromecki.


Outgoing ANA president Walter Ostromecki (left) presents a Numismatic Point of Light Award to Mike Ellis (right).

Walt has been a tireless promoter of education. He has also been engaged in a sort of personal outreach to the many clubs across America. His visits have let the clubs know they are not forgotten. He has planted many seeds of good will that will sprout and grow to the advantage of the ANA in future years.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching him in action close up. We were at the CONECA error club banquet. He was there to present one of his Numismatic Points of Light Awards to a hobbyist.

He said he will have given out 125 of these awards by the time his term expires tonight.

His goal was to give at least two of these awards to individuals in each of the 50 states. Only one state has come up short on this goal.

"Do you know anyone from Maine?" he asked, to the amusement of those assembled.

His sense of humor has always been his strong suit. It probably helped carry him through the difficult times of the Larry Shepherd lawsuit before the ANA reached a settlement earlier this year.

Shepherd is one of the many former executive directors of the ANA. But as I say, this is now part of the past.

Walt is still looking forward.

Last night he gave a Point of Light Award to Mike Ellis. Mike was forced off the ANA board earlier this year as the iron rod of ANA board discipline came down on him. But it was a hold harmless kind of thing. By leaving the board, he opened the door to future options of running again and serving again.

The Point of Light Award is a mile marker on that road to ANA rehabilitation for Ellis.

I have known Mike for many years. His sense of humor has also undoubtedly aided him along the way.

Walt is not disappearing with the end of his presidential term. He will begin a two-year board term tonight.

His belief in collectors, in clubs and in education have carried him a long way. His journey on behalf of ANA is not yet done. That is to our benefit as ANA members.

Walt leaves the top post with the organization at peace.

With the distractions eliminated, it will be interesting to see where the new president, Jeff Garrett, and the next board will take us.

The ANA is looking forward again.

Thanks, Walt, for your part in making it possible.