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Going, Going – Gone

The Mint’s cupboard is emptying out quickly of some items.

The Bald Eagle commemoratives go off sale on Friday, Dec. 12.

There has been some interest in the American Legacy Collection that includes a proof Bald Eagle silver dollars. It is pricey at $100 each.

So far, as of the Dec. 7 weekly report, the Mint has sold 20,815 of the sets. It doesn’t look like sales will come even close to the maximum possible of 50,000.

Among the coins with lower mintages, the proof platinum American Eagles of the ounce, half ounce and quarter ounce sizes are gone.

Some very old “friends” are gone, too. The 1999 Delaware First Day Coin Cover is depleted.

The 2008 50-states quarter proof set is also gone.

At the end of the year, collectors are used to seeing final sales occur, but this year, with the Mint clearing out old inventory, the news that sales will stop for some items will cheer collectors who bought them years ago and who have never seen a secondary market develop for them.