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Gobrecht dollar patterns displayed

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The all-time finest 1836-1839 Gobrecht dollar patterns set will be exhibited for the first time anywhere in public at the January 2015 Florida United Numismatists convention.

The display at the Professional Coin Grading Service booth, number 108, will be courtesy of the set’s owner, collector Bob R. Simpson of Texas, and Legend Numismatics of New Jersey.

An 1838 Gobrecht dollar pattern that is part of the Simpson collection.

An 1838 Gobrecht dollar pattern that is part of the Simpson collection.

“This impressive 10-coin set has a weighted grade point average of 55.683, and is ranked as the No. 1 finest all-time set in the PCGS Set Registry” said PCGS President Don Willis. “The beautiful 1838 Gobrecht Dollar pattern (Judd-85) in this set is graded PCGS PR65, and is listed in the PCGS Population Report as Population 1 with none higher.”

Of the 11 coins required for this particular set, Simpson has all except the unique 1836 Judd-61.

“A dozen other high-grade Gobrecht dollars from Simpson’s unprecedented collection also will be exhibited at the PCGS booth,” said PCGS Set Registry and Special Projects Director B.J. Searls.

“The Gobrecht dollar is the coin that started it all for Liberty Seated coinage. Their historical significance could not be any more important to U.S. Coinage in the 1800s,” Simpson said. “When I saw my first Gobrecht I was mesmerized. The sheer beauty, color, and size were astounding to me. The design is so intricate. Of all the coins I collect, I rank the Gobrechts as my second favorite behind $10 Indians.”

The Simpson set can be seen online at

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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