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Girl Scout silver dollar to sell out?

A Girl Scout commemorative silver dollar will go on sale in 2013. Maximum possible mintage is 350,000.

I had the opportunity to talk to Anna Maria Chávez, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of the USA, for a news story about the upcoming commemorative coin for Numismatic News.

I put the news in the story. Here in my blog I will write about my impression.

I have listened to representatives of many organizations that have received surcharge income from the sale of commemorative coins. They all say that their friends and supporters (who aren’t coin collectors) will step forward and buy the commemorative coins.

This never happens. Collectors carry the ball.

But talking with Ms. Chávez, I am more inclined to believe that this will happen in this specific case, or perhaps I am simply rooting for her and the Girl Scout silver dollar to be a success.

She spoke with such knowledge and enthusiasm about her organization and about collecting (she was a stamp collector as a kid) that it was both impressive and appealing.

If I were picking a team, I’d want her on my side and not playing against me.

We will see what happens with the Girl Scout commemorative.

I know that when it is released, I will be hoping for a sellout.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."