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Getting the word in time?

Have you ever found yourself wanting to buy something from the U.S. Mint or bid in an auction, but because you were not aware of it with enough lead time your checking account balance said no, you couldn't?

This isn’t a question related to the coin collector’s well-known desire to overspend his budget, but on the financial plumbing required in day-to-day life.

During December I have to do a little financial stretching to pay for the holiday presents, the property tax bill and couple of other major bills that come due at year end.

Because I know that this occurs every year, I am ready for it.

However, with the advent of the Internet, I find that lead times are getting ever shorter with other potential expenses. New offers and the latest auctions can sneak up on you if you haven’t marked it on your calendar because the advance word is coming out later.

After all, with the Internet, a firm could tell you that an auction commences in an hour with an e-mail. Why waste time two months beforehand?

From time to time I find myself thinking, gee, if I had only known a little sooner.

How about you?

Has something gotten away from you because you somehow didn’t get the word in time to adjust your finances?