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Get 'free money' at FUN

Krause Publications will give away coins at the NumisMaster booth at FUN show.
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There?s free money to be found at Krause Publications? NumisMaster booth at the Florida United Numismatists Show Jan. 4-7 in Orlando.

The ?found money? feature is designed to introduce NumisMaster, the just-released online price guide powered by Krause Publications, to the coin collecting community.

Attendees will be given the identity of a coin they will then look up on the NumisMaster site. They will record the size, weight, composition, denomination and other pertinent information about the coin, including the price. Once the information is complete, they will turn it in to a NumisMaster team member, who will give them the actual coin.

?We want people to experience the power of NumisMaster and have some fun doing it,? said David C. Harper, editor of Numismatic News. ?And what better way to have fun than to get some ?found money???

The ?found money? will include 19th and 20th century United States and world coins provided by Paul Sims and Miller?s Mint.

NumisMaster ?found money? will be featured at Booth No. 1232 at the FUN Show, across the aisle from the Krause Publications Booth, No. 1235. To try out a NumisMaster free sample price guide, go to