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Get a boost from PNG

The Professional Numismatists Guild is to be congratulated for a step forward in numismatic education.

Classes originally designed for the organization’s internship program will now available to all online.

Whether you want to improve your basic knowledge, or are just curious as to what it takes to be considered for an entry level professional numismatic internship position at a major American coin firm, it might be worth your while to take them.

However, like all worthwhile things, there is a cost involved.

PNG is charging an enrollment fee of $300.

It will cover Level 100 and Level 200 courses.

Naturally, you will have to work to take them, but if you do, you will earn Certificates of Completion if you successfully complete both levels.

The Level 100 course is designed to provide broad-based basic knowledge.

PNG says topics include purchasing, selling, marketing and auctions; third-party certification; coin shows; and numismatic organizations and industry resources.

It sounds like experienced collectors will have a leg up on this class.

Level 200 topics include metallurgy and technology; the minting process and errors; and the history of monetary systems and development of coining.

Once you’ve finished the courses, you might be tempted to become a coin dealer yourself.

Imagine the progress you will make on your sets with an independent income to feed your hobby budget.

Vest-pocketing it at coin shows, or setting up your own online business might be the next stage of your career, or the answer to filling your days productively in retirement.

What you choose to do with the knowledge you acquire will be up to you.

More information is available at under the “Internship” navigation links near the top of the PNG’s home page.

Robert Brueggeman, who is PNG executive director, said, “We are making these available online to anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of numismatics.”

I think that is a worthy endeavor and PNG should be recognized for choosing to undertake it.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper "Numismatic News."

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