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George's travel log - A beginning and an end.

A Circle
of Life

The road trip which I’ve been highlighting during the last four postings have all been prelude to the excuse for the trip – the wedding mass and reception of one of my cousins son. My mom’s brother’s eldest daughter’s son.

On Saturday, the priest who married the bride’s parents, and baptized their daughter, said the mass for her marriage. The happy couple is now Ginger and Adam DiVincenzo. Their reception was held at Pittsburgh’s Oakmount Country club, site of the 1927 U.S. Open and proudly displays photos of that event (Bobby Jones) and many other top notch classics since. My mom and I had a great time catching up with my cousins and friends.

However, I am sure that in the back of all our minds were thoughts of the man missing from the event, my uncle, the grandfather of the groom, Stanley Petrow.

Sadly the past few have been rough on his wife Alice. She has been taking care of him in his slow decline with health issues and recently advancing Alzheimer’s. It has been only in past few months that he had been in a full care facility and not at home being taken care of by his wife of 64 years.

Most everyone made Sunday a travel day home, and on Monday morning the family got the word that Stanley had died. Yesterday and today family and friends gathered in Astoria, and at our home Church of the Most Precious Blood for another mass, and then a long drive out to Calverton National Cemetery for his burial.

Alice and Stan Petrow were about family. Both were products of large families, and they have five wonderful children. Alice and Stan were great dancers, and truly enjoyed family time.