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George's road trip report, part two. Familiar names in distant places

I often find it exciting to find sightings of the names of friends in distant places.

For a long time I have been assisting former KP president and board chairman, Clifford Mishler in finding postcards of the Mishler Theater located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Now I have been able to visit the real thing.

When the opportunity came last week to spend some time in Altoona, I was very pleased to realize that not only is the theater still standing, but it was recently restored, and open!

They have done a wonderful job of preserving and restoring the detailed molded plaster decorations of the 1906 interior, and the city is proud to have preserved this part of its heritage. Productions in the space continue! 

I was in Altoona to do some research on a PRR Heroic Service medal in my collection. That award was made in June of 1930, and in looking thru ads in the Altoona Mirror noticed that Will Rogers was in town and playing at the Mishler Theater for a few nights during that month.