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Geocaching Coins

Geocaching update

After my Geocaching post went live, I got a correction back from my Brother-in-law Jim, who introduced my family to the sport. He wanted to clarify a few things about geocoins and their purpose for my readers. Jim wrote "
The coins do not actually have an emitter. They are placed at a location and the coordinates are provided at We download the coordinates and find the cache with our GPS. Each location lists what geocoins or travelbugs are contained in the cache."

For the most part, geocoins are not collected within the sport, although Jim said that some people do keep ones they find specially attractive. The main point is that you do not take something out of a geocache without replacing it with another item. At site they mention three basic rules:

Take something from the cache

Leave something in the cache

Write about it in the logbook

It's that simple. Visit the site to find out more!