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Gemini NYINC auction realizes $1.85 million

The sale consisted of ancient Greek and Roman, and world coins.
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The Jan. 10 Auction II sale held by Gemini LLC in New York City ended in sales of $1,850,000, including the 15-percent buyers? fees.

The sale was held prior to the start of the New York International Numismatic Convention at the same location, the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, in New York City.

Gemini is a joint auction venture between Harlan J. Berk Ltd. of Chicago and Freeman & Sear of Los Angeles.

The sale consisted of ancient Greek and Roman, and world coins.

?It was very successful, with 50 percent over estimate not unusual,? Berk said. ?Caesar portraits and Imperatorial coins were in high demand.?

An Alexander the Great decadrachm of Babylonia, one of only five known, sold for $103,500. Minted around 325 B.C., it was graded very fine and estimated at $100,000. It marked Alexander?s defeat of the Indian king Poros at the battle of the Hydaspes.

A Greek tetradrachm of the Cappadocian Kingdom, issued by the usurper Orophernes (159-157 B.C.), sold for $82,800. One of 12 known, its portrait of Orophernes is considered a highlight of Hellenistic portraiture. It was graded choice extremely fine.

A Roman silver denarius of Pompey issued in Sicily in 40 or 39 B.C. was unusual for having a complete reverse and sold for $12,075 on an estimate of $4,000. It was graded toned extremely fine.

A silver denarius from 44 B.C. featuring the first portrait of Julius Caesar, estimated at $5,000 and graded toned choice extremely fine, sold for $11,000. One of the finest known silver denarius Julius Caesar and Mark Antony coins also brought $11,000 on a $5,000 estimate. It was struck in 43 B.C. as the mint was moving with Antony in Gaul. It was graded good extremely fine.

For information on future Gemini sales, contact Harlan J. Berk at 31 N. Clark St., Chicago, IL 60602; telephone (312) 609-0016; fax (312) 609-1305; e-mail; Web site
Inquiries can also be made to Freeman & Sear at P.O. Box 641352, Los Angeles, CA 90064-6352; phone (310) 450-9755; fax (310) 450-8865; e-mail; Web site