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Future is now for me

This week at Numismatic News is a bit like the week before Christmas at the home of a five-year-old kid. My mother always warned me that I couldn’t live in the future, but that means little to a kid.

The American Numismatic Association convention is next week in Milwaukee, Wis., and it will be the center of the numismatic world for that time.

Preparations are under way here in the office as well as everywhere else in the commercial numismatic sector. With the pre-show auctions on the schedule, arrivals in Milwaukee will begin any time now. Clearly our minds and our efforts in this office are anticipating a major event.

My challenge today is to put together a front page that is going to arrive at the homes of my readers just after the conclusion of the convention. What will be of interest to them then?

I had an interview with the Mint Director Moy yesterday. He may have some interesting things to say at the convention, but that is no help to this week’s paper, which has a cover date of Aug. 14.

There are hints of changes afoot and revelations of what has been worked on in the past 12 months, perhaps even the future compositions of the cent and nickel, but there is nothing that allows me to place the story in a prime position on Page 1.

I am delighted to hear that the Mint director will be attending the convention. The Mint is a major numismatic business and the head of the Mint should be on hand to see, hear and experience the activities there. I think he will find it helpful in his decision making. He has scheduled a collector forum. Collectors who want the opportunity to voice their opinions should mark 2 p.m., Friday, Aug. 10, on their calendars. If you plan to be there, don’t forget to take a look at the dozen gold Sacagawea dollars.

I have to go back now to living in Aug. 14. I wonder what my mother would have said had she known I was going to grow up living in the future thanks to my newspaper deadlines.