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Fun Film Thread at Chicago Tribune

Not Tom's Recommended Film of the Week, but something Fun With Film!

Just for fun you might want to check out a blog string happening at The Chicago Tribune. Blogger Michael Phillips opened up a touchy subject with a fairly good review of a love it or hate it film, which set his readership off, so he pursued the thread by opening up his next posting to let his readers comment on films they walked out on in the theater, or turned off at home. He got plenty of responses! The funny thing is that many of the targeted films are either loved or hated by different viewers, so it really is a great mix of commentary which most any movie lover should find entertaining.

I can't ever recall walking out on a film in the theater, but there have been two films I turned off at home. Trouble is, I have so blocked them out I can't bring them to mind! There were two very bad films which do stick in my mind however and I will throw those down on Phillips thread along with my comments. One was Jamaica Inn, the only Hitchcock film I ever taped, watched and destroyed. The other was a Harrison Ford police detective film, Hollywood Homicide, whose only redeeming quality was a 20 minute chase scene which mostly involved running and a bicycle. Most unusual, but otherwise a real stinker of a film.