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Free Comic Book Day

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!

One of my many interests includes comic books. I am a fan of Archie Comics and other teenage comics from the golden and silver ages. I like funny animal comics too and even some super heros, but the teenager ones are my favorite type.

If you like comics too and are looking for something to do tomorrow, think about stopping by a comics shop near you and picking up a few free comics to read or pass on to a friend. Bring along your children! Free Comic Book Day is great fun for the whole family. If you haven't looked at comics in years, you may even discover some of the old titles you used to enjoy for sale in the back issues bins.

For more information on Free Comic Book Day check out the FCBD website or the Comics Buyer's Guide website - CBGExtra. Take a look at the neat countdown to Free Comic Book Day clock my comics friend Brent Frankenhoff installed in his FCBD forum!