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Frederic Remington Discovery

Frederic Remington is a name that I am sure most readers will recognize as one of the premier painters and sculptors of the American West. He did a large number or paintings most of which included horses, soldiers, Indians or cowboys and lots of action. In 1898 he painted a cavalry trooper on horseback with a First Cavalry, Troop A, guidon flag and signed it “Fredric Remington - with my compliments to Troop A 1st cav 1898.” This painting was then published in black and white, in the 1899 twentieth anniversary history of the Wisconsin National Guard Troop A, First Cavalry which was originally the Milwaukee Light Horse Squadron. The painting as far as I can find is uncataloged anywhere. I have never seen it anywhere else in color or black and white and then all of a sudden there it was on a shelf in a Northern Wisconsin antique mall! This is an 8 x11 framed print of the original painting done for the 1964 reunion of the then 105th cavalry veterans. Illustrated below in glorious full color is the previously uncataloged work: W.N.G. Cavalry Trooper of Troop A, 1st Cavalry, by Frederic S. Remington. Enjoy and remember you saw it here first..