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Fourth Lincoln in pipeline

The U.S. Mint’s production facilities returned to the usual monthly pace of production in October.

Some 353.38 million coins were produced, a rate that has been adhered to most months this calendar year.

The Philadelphia minting facility cranked out 200,000 half dollars to match last month’s Denver cumulative total of 1.9 million pieces. Denver did not add to its half dollar total and it still stands at 1.9 million coins.

Cent production indicates that there are 266 million of the new Presidency cents in the pipeline as the Nov. 12 debut ceremony nears.

There were 144.4 million Denver coins struck while Philadelphia cranked out 121.6 million.

Those online speculators who are selling nickels and dimes will be pleased to see the Mint’s coining presses were quiet in October where these denominations were concerned.

There also were no Native American dollars produced in October.

Presidential dollars on the other hand saw 24.22 million pieces flow from Denver presses and 10.78 million from Philadelphia’s.

The rate of quarter production more than doubled in October from September’s level, but this was simply to return to the rate of output that was achieved in August.

Denver cranked out 20.4 million quarters and Philadelphia produced 32.2 million in October.

Overall there is little sign in these numbers of a revival in coin demand to feed American commerce.