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Former co-worker visits show

Today is Professional Numismatists Guild Day. I am fresher than I was yesterday (read “awake” here). I was able to have a nice visit with Chris Batio last night. He used to work on staff of Numismatic News. He arrived at the convention at supper time.

It has been a number of years since I have seen Chris. He is very interested in politics. That topic naturally came up.

I remember well the 1992 election year. It was a time when he and I had numerous discussions about the presidential race.

I’m still in Iola. Chris went on to other jobs and is now working in Washington, D.C., which is a perfect location for someone as interested in political events as he is.

Today I should have a great opportunity to walk the bourse floor and do some radio interviews for Coin Chat Radio today.

Later on, PNG Day ends and it becomes set-up time for the Krause booth. I expect Bob Van Ryzin, George Cuhaj, Robbie Cain and Debbie Tischendorf will make it in by that point to give me a hand. More importantly, either Bob or George will possess the diagram as to how things are supposed to be arranged. It wasn’t ready when I left.