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For the Birds

With the high price of gas now I always plan several things to do when ever I have to make a trip. I had a medical appointment in Wausau a few days ago so I took the wife along and we went to the local art museum and had lunch which made her day. No trip to Wausau is complete for me without a visit to Ginny’s, my favorite downtown antique shop. I don’t often find anything there in my line but once in a while I actually do spend some money in that little shop. This trip was one of those times. In one of her cases was this spectacular silver five arm cross. The cross is 86mm and weighs 50.37 grams. The ring is hallmarked “800” which is the fine silver content of the cross. On the obverse in the center is a medal with a standing woman leaning against a shield and holding a bird nest full of hatchlings. The background is a city view and there is a German legend “MENSCHEN NUTZEN VOGEL SCHUTZEN” which roughly translates, people benefit (when) birds are protected. On the reverse is the inscription “Dem Verdienste” which means that this is a medal of merit. Unfortunately there is no mention of the group that issued this cross or who the recipient was. The only clue would be the city view. If anyone recognizes it please let me know.