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First 2006 coin reports

Not so fast
After reading the letter in the Jan. 31 issue of Numismatic News I just had to write. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, I started to try to order the Ben Franklin commemorative coins starting at 9 Pacific time. Seven hours later I was able to get through and actually place an order, only to find that the coins were backordered until April 30.

On Jan. 15 I had ordered the 2006 Royal Canadian proof and specimen sets and on Thursday, the 19th, they were delivered to my front door. Now that?s speedy.

John Dunton
Clackamas, Ore.

Early release
It seems like the 2006 coins were released extremely early. I was surprised to find in my change on Jan. 8 a 2006-D Roosevelt dime while shopping for groceries in Strongsville, Ohio. I was surprised to find a new year?s coin this early and one from Denver at that.

Please continue your great writing. I love your paper.

Jack Harding
Strongsville, Ohio

Gets first at store
Found my first 2006-P penny on Friday, Jan. 20, in change from a local convenience store called WAWA in Lionville, Pa.

Greg Sodus
Lionville, Pa.

Cent at KFC
I just found a 2006-D penny Jan. 25 in change from a Kentucky Fried Chicken store. Not a mark on it ? absolutely gorgeous.

Dan Stone
Norwalk, Calif.

Bowls for cents
I found my first 2006 coin, a 2006-D penny, Jan. 20 at my local bowling alley.

Ron Lovins
Kansas City, Mo.

First 2006 dime found
After reading the Numismatic eNewsletter, I saw that you are still looking for 2006 coin finds. Well, last week and I guess it was from Wal-Mart, I got a 2006-P dime.

Mike Lee
Toms River N.J.

Gets four new cents
I received four 2006 pennies from Burger King in Moonachie, N.J., on Jan. 22.

Rex Mundi
Moonachie, N.J.

Finds cents early
I received three 2006-D pennies last week from a food store. This is the earliest that I have ever received new year coins. We have also received a few more since then.

Jerry Dahlberg
Roswell, New Mexico

Nickels scratched
On Feb. 4 we received a bag of the new nickels at my place of work. After going through several of the nickels, I found that many were badly scratched and virtually, as far as a collector is concerned, damaged ? these are Denver mint nickels.

Past photographs of Thomas Jefferson reveal that he has long hair, always combed back. I was appalled to see that Jefferson, on the new nickel, has bangs! Did someone goof?

W. Grove
Madison, Tenn.

Super day at market
I received my first 2006 coins this weekend, Saturday, at a local Publix market, a 2006-P penny.

Sunday, Feb, 5, I got another 2006-P penny at a Walgreens.

Frank Racz
Vero Beach, Fla.

Big box, new cent
In a box of 2,500 Lincoln cents I got from the bank on Jan. 28 I found a single 2006 as well as a 1999 wide AM! The box was an N.F. String & Son box dated Jan. 26, 2006.

David Carten
Woburn, Mass.

Cent arrives quick
Just a quick note to let you know I got my first 2006 cent (Philadelphia) in change from a local 7-11 on Jan. 26. I didn?t know where to send this until the last issue of Numismatic News arrived.

This was a few weeks earlier than I usually find the new ones.

Craig Schmittler
Fort Myers, Fla.

Mint director looks
Sorry, (I am) not reporting finding a 2006 coin yet, but another instance of ?checking your change.? I just bought some soup, paid the 19 cents off with a dime, a nickel and four pennies and the clerk said, ?Hey, that?s on old one.? He then showed it to me, a 1946 Wheat penny!

Ya never know.

Jay Johnson
Washington, D.C.

California gets coins
My first 2006 coin is not a cent but a nickel. I work at a supermarket in Paso Robles Calif., and yesterday (Feb. 1), a customer unknowingly gave me a 2006-D Jefferson nickel while paying for her order. My eyes lit up when I saw it, so I set it aside and bought it later.

I now have two complete 1999-2005 sets of state quarters from both Philly and Denver mints, all gleaned from circulation.

On Feb. 2, not only did I find a second 2006-D nickel, I also found my first 2006-D dime. I am still on the lookout for cents and quarters.

Paul Highland
Atascadero, Calif.

New cents reach Texas
On Jan. 23, I received a new 2006 cent in change here in Kerrville, Texas.

G.C. Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

New cent on way home
Just wanted to let you know that I received a 2006 Philadelphia cent on Jan. 28 about 6 p.m. from the Wal-Mart in Clarion, Pa. We were traveling home from New Hampshire and stopped for some snacks to munch on. Received the cents in change from our purchase. First time I?ve ever gotten the new year?s coins so early.

Greg Topping
Normal, Ill.

E-mail reports 2006
I was checking my change as always. I was surprised when two 2006 pennies showed up in my hands on Jan. 30. At first I thought they were 2005s.

I just thought I?d send you an e-mail.

Dennis G. Flynn
Providence R.I.

Gets four of a kind
I found four 2006-P Lincoln cents in my change at McDonalds in Dayville, Conn. on Saturday, Jan 28.

Randy Farmer
Holden, Mass

Fast appearance
I wanted to report that I received three 2006 Lincoln cents in my change from my local supermarket. This is really early for me since I usually don?t receive the year?s new coinage until March.

Frederick W. Webb
Bridgeton, N.J.

Can?t believe it
I could hardly believe my eyes yesterday (Jan 30) when I spotted a 2006 cent in the change I received back at a local auto parts store. (This is) the earliest find of a ?new year coin? that I can remember.

Also, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy Numismatic News. I have been getting it for many years and it still serves as one of my major sources of information on coins and related areas. Keep up the good work!

Ron Rushton
Meadville, Pa.

Gets Denver cents
Just a note to say I received three 2006-D cents in change at my Wal-Mart store in Denison, Texas on Jan. 24.

Diana Charron
Pottsboro, Texas

Change yields first
I received my first coin (2006-D one cent) on Jan. 27 in change from a purchase at Office Max in El Paso, Texas.

Charles S. DeGroat
El Paso, Texas