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Fillmore continues slow decline

The first final mintage total for a 2010 dollar coin issue is out. The Millard Fillmore coin, which was introduced to the public in February, continues the slow slide in dollar mintage totals.

I do mean “slow” slide.

The 74,480,000 number that came out of the Denver and Philadelphia mints combined is just 3,780,000 coins lower than the last design struck in 2009.

There is a fairly even split between the two mints. Philadelphia’s 37,520,000 pieces outpaced Denver’s 36,960,000 contribution.

Obviously, the Mint continues to stride to fulfill a public demand that does not really exist at such high levels.

Perhaps someday the public will be glad the coins exist and happily begin to use them as the late 1990s saw the final drawdown of the Anthony dollar supply overhang and a new 1999 coinage struck after a lapse of 28 years.

Or perhaps the Mint will build up such a supply that there will be a Treasury Presidential dollar coin release in 50 or 100 years that will excite the collectors of the future with pristine issues from the early 21st century.

What’s your take on such a large mintage number?